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Lionesses in Kruger NP
Aat Vuik - Wildlife Photography
Probably the only "place" in Kruger NP where you can find Lions in trees is near Crocodile Bridge (southern region)
A single lioness near a little "bridge"
4 lionesses along one of the dirt roads after a nice dinner.

Lazy and big "bellies"
3 lionesses on a rainy morning.

Looking out for "breakfast"
A lioness, just on her own
Lioness.... close-by and close-up

Yes, they do have a face and expression.
3 Ladies , ready for hunting. On the road.... off the road... searching but no targets....
At the end... they disappeared in the high grass...finally pray , but far away
6 Lionesses were chasing some antelopes in the Skukuza area.

All in hunt "mode" , taking in positions ...
Single Lioness was thirsty and came to the Girivana waterhole (Satara area, central region)