Special sighting with Lioness and her two cubs

Location "Old Main Road" from Mopani to Shingwedzi

Spotted the lioness first and just saw the cubs hiding in the high grass.
After some time the lioness "called" the cubs and showed them to me as a proud mother.

I think she waited till she felt safe.
It was a special moment to see her caring her cubs and the way the cubs were looking at me... curious and in a way it felt like I was the first human being they were looking at...
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Lionesses with cubs in Kruger NP
Aat Vuik - Wildlife Photography
Suddenly coming out of the bush... mothers and their cubs

Main road between Lower Sabie and Skukuza (southern region of Kruger NP)
Standing on a low water bridge between Crocodile Bride and Berg en Dal (southern region of Kruger NP)

Mother was sleeping but waiting was paying off.... she decided to come down with her 3 cubs for a drink
On the main road between Crocodile Bride and Lower Sabie (southern region of Kruger NP) A mother with her cub , cute and beautiful
Southern region of Kruger NP

We were just driving back to Crocodile Bridge from Mpondo Dam (S102) and turned to the S26 dirtroad when we saw this lion near the road.

While looking at this lioness a bit later two cubs showed themselves...stayed for a few minutes and disappeared again.

The mother with cubs were really close...we could almost touch them. I guess it was just a bout 5 meters from our position.

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