LION Prides
Sightings with Lion Prides

Different Lion Prides
We have seen several Lion Prides in Kruger NP.

Prides from 4 or 5 up to more then 20

Enjoy ....
Aat Vuik - Wildlife Photography
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First Pride: We found this pride near Mopani (northern region) close to a waterhole (Mooiplaas)

When we arrived we only saw the male, a bit later we could see the other members of the pride.

Great to see the male playing and caring with and for his cubs
Daddy drinking so the cubs drinking too....

and... Daddy looking for "dinner" so the cubs do... learning all the time.

Looking at the Wildebeast but not really interested so laying down in the mud near the waterhole was a better idea..... and yes ...cubs were following Daddy...
Second Pride: We found this pride near Satara (central region) along the famous S100 (dirtroad)

Lion king of .... or ?

Male lion with 4 lionesses and specially interested in one of his " wives" but !

Lions are not really friends with elephants. The elephants showed they are big and may be the real kings and queens...

The male finally did not care and continued with ....
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