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Leopard & Cubs 
An overview of Leopard with Cubs sightings

Finding leopards is difficult, finding a Leopard with cub(s) even more. Leopards do hide their cubs very well in thicker bush or between rocks.

Leopard (mother) often goes out for hunting and leaves her cub(s) behind. So a good hide is a must !

You need a lot of luck to see both of them ..enjoy !

The first story is about a Leopard mother with two cubs and a kill (Impala).
Between Satara and Tsholwane (central region of Kruger NP)
Where the cubs were playing mother was looking after the kill she made.

Some stretching and taking care of the "nails" was part of her activities.

We stayed for about 3 hours with them, we just could not get away...
Mother lazy in a tree (between Lower Sabie and Crocodile Bridge southern region)

Watching her first for some time and then we saw a kill hanging in the tree.

Later on we also found her cub, hiding between some rocks. Very young with lovely "blue" eyes
Another lazy mother in a tree (just south of Satara central region) and also with a kill in the tree

The cub tried to climb into the tree but did not really manage to do this while his mother was looking at her cub
Kill and Cub safe ! Mother can go to sleep again
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