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We stayed 12 nights in Etosha, 4 nights in Okaukeujo and 8 nights (since we loved this camp) in Halali

1st story is about a great sighting with a Cheetah mother and her 4 cubs.

Early morning and suddenly a Cheetah appeared and crossed the road in front of us. Followed by 4 cubs, too late to catch them but a bit later they showed themselves again...

First the mother and a bit later the cubs..... They followed mother to a tree and were playing like they should do... in the mean time they were learning....

Great job by a Cheetah to raise 4 cubs !!
Probably mother has seen something at the other side of the road....

Lucky for us so we could see all of them better ...

Here mother cheetah crossing the road just in front of us....

Etosha, meaning ‘place of dry water’, is encloses a huge, flat calcrete depression (or pan) of about 5 000km˛.
The ‘Pan’ provides a great, parched, silver-white backdrop of shimmering mirages to an area of semi-arid savannah grassland and thorn scrub.

The pan itself contains water only after very good rains and sometimes for only a few days each year, but is enough to stimulate the growth of a blue-green algae which lures thousands of flamingos

Plains game such as zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, springbok, impala and eland abound in great numbers on the grasslands and congregate at waterholes in the dry season.

Herds of fifty elephants are not unusual and often walk right down the middle of the road giving people in cars an incredibly close and thrilling encounter. Lions and hyenas must be searched for, but silver-backed jackals trot around almost oblivious to you.

The desert dwelling oryx, upon which the mythical unicorn must surely be based, will certainly be seen here along with the impressive curly horned kudu. Etosha also contains endangered black rhino and unusual species like the black-faced impala – a larger and darker subspecies found only in south-western Angola and north-western Namibia..
Curious cub between mother's legs........ where are you looking at moms.... ?
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Etosha NP (2)
Mother was crossing the road and the cubs were following.

One of the very few chances to catch them all 4 together......
During our stay in Etosha we have seen more Cheetah...

I like to show a selection of pictures where we were close to these beautiful cats.

Their amber eyes are amazing

Enjoy the photos of these endangered cats...