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Let's start with pictures of the Sossusvlei , famous by the Red Dunes

The colours of the dunes are changing almost every minute.

From the lodge (sossusvlei lodge) it takes about 60 km to get to these dunes.

The view on both sides of the road is breathtaking, amazing, beautiful and .............

You can say , nature at his best.
Country Impressions: Nature - Landscapes & Wildlife
To get another and even much better view we booked for a flight over the Sossusvlei till the Atlantic Ocean.

I just can say...it was amazing and a Must if you are there.

The colour-play of dunes and sunlight, the shapes of the dunes.... sometimes it lookes surrealistic.
This valley has the shape of a Heart.

The whole area is much bigger then the Netherlands.

As far as you can look you see dunes, dunes and dunes....
And then.... in the middle of all these amazing dunes there is this mountain.

Name: White Mountains, The only white mountains in the whole Nabim desert.
Flying over the dunes was amazing, then we reached the coastline with the Atlantic Ocean.

Almost no beach, the huge dunes and the Atlantic just meet each other.
Any wildlife ? Yess....

When we were flying along the coast we saw lots of birds and seals...

Have a good look and you can see one of the seals, just right of the birds.
The wind is playing with the dunes... constantly the shape and format changes...
From the coast we are flying back to the Sossusvlei Lodge. The "airport" is just 5 minutes away from the great Lodge
Big Mystery .....

From Namibia to Angola , there is is kind of "line" where you find these circles. Still unknown how they got there ... lovely to find mysteries !!
Another day and we decided to have a look again at the dunes.

Early morning and fog... as we called it " Dunes in the mist".

Beautiful to see how the dunes are coming " out of the mist"
This picture is a "Salvador Dali" as I call it...

No photoshop or something like that, just like it was in real....
Sesriem Canyon
Etosha NP
Aat Vuik - Photography